DONATORS GET THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES:- - Access to /goto command - $10,000 Game Money each day - Yellow Name on server - Access to /Mute, /kick, /freeze, /jail, /vsay, /god, /lgoto, /vip(to teleport to vip area) /lweaps /lammo /lspec /vrules - Ability to teleport to VIP area. - VIP /say command - VIP Rank on forums 1 Month VIP = 5 $ 2 Month VIP = 9 $ 3 Month VIP = 13 $ 6 Month VIP = 20 $ Rules Note:These rules must be adhered to at all times, we expect you as a VIP to represent the community and support Gangsta Homies Stunts. -Do not abuse your commands and Powers -Being a VIP member does not mean you are an admin! -Misuse of a vip account will result in all privileges being removed. Please note in such cases there are no refunds. We operate a 'No-Refundable' policy at all times.
Gangsta Homies V.I.P