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Post  royal_king[xXx] on Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:38 pm


These are just a few simple rules that you should follow to make sure that everyone has a happy stay at Gangsta Homies Stunts.

1: All posts made to a thread should be related to the thread, unless you are posting in the off topic forum.

2: Spamming, Racism, Flaming, and Discrimination against an individuals' religion, sexual orientation, gender, and nationality are prohibited. You've been warned.

3: Links to Pornography, Warez, and illegal downloads are not permitted. Posting anything of the nature will result in a forum ban.

4: Be sure to read the Sticky's in the forum before posting.

5: If a moderator removes or edits one of your posts, respect the decision, and do not re-add the removed material.

6: Each user is limited to 1 account/nick. No exceptions.

7: ALL topics and posts MUST be in English. Otherwise, they will be deleted or locked.

8: No posting in the Ban Appeals section unless you are the banner, the bannee, or have significant information.

9: The main body of all posts should be in WHITE and with reasonable size font.

10: Do not backseat-moderate, we have moderators for a reason.

11: Do not quote entire posts unless it is absolutely necessary to your reply. Quoting images is totally unnecessary and will be dealt with severely.

12: Please refrain from double posting. The 'Modify' button is there for a reason... Use it.

If you violate any of the above rules, you may or may not be issued a forum warning. Further disregard for the rules will most likely result in a temporary or permanent forum ban.

These rules are subject to change at any time. It's your responsibility to check back for changes. Failure to keep updated on the rules is your problem; it will not save you from consequences.
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