My app [even tho Im accepted]

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My app [even tho Im accepted]

Post  [GHS]Shockey on Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:36 am

Hi even tho you accepted me I still think it's right to make an app

You spot a dmer outside dm zones, What do you do?: 1st give them a warning. 2nd kick them. 3rd kick them again. If they persist and dont listen then ban them. 
You spot a hacker, What do you do?: make sure 100% that they are actually hacking. Then kick them and ask them to get rid of the hacks. If they return and you see them hack again then ban them.
You spot a flamer, What do you do?: 1st ask them to stop. 2nd if they do it again then kick them. 3rd if they start flamming other people and persist then ban them.
You spot a spammer, What do you do?: ask them to stop spamming. After if they continue to spam kick them. If they persist and continuely kept doing it over and over again they you may have to ban the player or if the server has this command then you can temp ban them for 2days or more.

I don't know if you have dms I haven't looked
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Re: My app [even tho Im accepted]

Post  Dark_Grim[xXx] on Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:39 am

its ok davo i know u & jas for a long time ... there is no need to make a pp


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